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How to measure arbitrary distances in Figma Files

I have this situation every once in a while. I need to measure the distance from some random point A to some random point B in Figma and as far as I know, there still isn't any Figma native way of doing that in February 2024.

There are obviously good native ways of measuring distances in Figma and they work well in most cases. But there are however cases where the Figma way does not get you what you want. In those cases, here is a hack for mac users.

  1. Zoom into 100% in Figma
  2. "CMD + Shift + 4" to get the screenshot tool.
  3. The screenshot tool shows you the PX values that you need in the bottom right corner of the frame.
  4. "Esc" to cancel the screenshot when you have what you need.

When I am building a web application or site, this is usually good enough!

A screenshot from the Figma software to highlight the problem of measuring distance between two arbitrary points.